Friday, 25 May 2018

Blog Tour - Love Lies and Wedding Cake

Publication date 23rd May 2018
About the book
An absolutely hilarious, laugh-‘til-you-cry, romantic comedy about how life never quite goes to plan…

Faye is in crisis. You wouldn’t know it, because of the big fat smile on her face, but inside, she’s one step away from nuclear meltdown. And she shouldn’t be. Dan is the man of her dreams. And he’s just asked her to marry him.

But Faye’s been down the marriage road before and it ended up with her having Ryan Gosling fantasies while her ex-husband obsessed about the plumbing. Faye and Dan, on the other hand, have been living their lives to the fullest, travelling around the world, having sex under the stars... They've never argued about unrolling socks before putting them in the laundry.

Besides, even if she wanted to say yes, how could she move to the other side of the world? Because marrying Dan would mean living in Australia. Beautiful, warm and a gazillion miles from Faye’s daughter, Emma, a single mum with her own crazy little girl who both need Faye every single day. Leaving them – even for someone who makes her as happy as Dan – simply isn’t an option.

Dan is offering Faye everything she ever wanted. So why does she feel like she’s about to lose it all?

The most screamingly-funny romantic comedy of the summer – about secrets, second chances and following your heart. Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell and Milly Johnson.

About the author
Sue Watson was a journalist then a TV Producer at the BBC until she realised that instead of working, she could stay at home, and write about exciting things like foreign travel and cake!
So far Sue's written twelve books, and some have been translated into Italian, German and Portuguese (she's big in Brazil!) Originally from Manchester, Sue now lives with her husband and teenage daughter in Worcestershire where her days are spent baking (and eating) lots of cake, while making big life decisions about whether to have Caramel Chew Chew or Salted Caramel ice cream while watching 'My 600lb Life,' on the sofa. 

For more info visit Sue's website;

Sue would love to meet you on FaceBook at

Follow Sue on Twitter @suewatsonwriter

My Review
There is nothing more comforting than picking up the latest book from Sue Watson so I was so excited to read this! My goodness this did not let me down.

It was so good to pick up on Faye and Dan's story to find out what was next for them and boy it wasn't going to be simple for them.  I  enjoyed all the twists and turns it was so exciting and kept me gripped.  I couldn't wait to find out how the book would end for Dan and Faye and whether they would get their happy ever after.

As usual with Sue's books the descriptions in it where so easy to imagine.  The cake made my mouth water! 

This book has everything you want in a book, it is pure feel good, and really makes you smile and laugh!

Monday, 21 May 2018

Blog Tour - The Wedding Date

Today I am thrilled to be part of the Blog Tour for 'The Wedding Date' by 'Zara Stoneley.'
From the minute I seen that cover I knew I had to read this, just look at it! 
Publication Date 20th April 2018

About the book
One ex. One wedding. One little white lie.
When Samantha Jenkins is asked to be the maid of honour at her best friend’s wedding, she couldn’t be happier. There are just three problems…
1) Sam’s ex-boyfriend, Liam, will be the best man. 2) His new girlfriend is pregnant. 3) Sam might have told people she has a new man when she doesn’t (see points 1 and 2 above)
So, Sam does the only sensible thing available to her… and hires a professional to do the job.
Actor Jake Porter is perfect for the role: single, gorgeous and cheap! Sam is certain it’s the perfect solution: no strings, no heartbreak and hopefully no chance of being found out.
But spending a week in the Scottish Highlands with Jake is harder than she imagined. He is the perfect boyfriend, charming, sexy and the hottest thing in a kilt since Outlander! And his dog Harry is quite possibly the cutest things Sam has ever seen!
As the wedding draws closer, Jake plays his part to perfection and everyone believes he is madly in love with Sam. The problem is, Sam’s not sure if Jake is acting anymore…

About the author
Born in a small village in Staffordshire, Zara Stoneley wanted to be James Herriot, a spy, or an author when she grew up. Writing novels means she can imagine she is all these things, and more!
Zara’s bestselling novels include 'The Holiday Swap', 'Summer with the Country Village Vet', 'Blackberry Picking at Jasmine Cottage' and the popular Tippermere series - 'Stable Mates', 'Country Affairs' and 'Country Rivals'. She lives in a Cheshire village with her family, a naughty cockapoo, and a very bossy cat, and loves spending time in sunny Spain.

Where you can find her
Twitter: @ZaraStoneley

My Review
I read this in the run up to the Royal Wedding and it got me so excited!

Everything about this book was just perfect from that stunning cover, location of the book to the characters!

There are PLENTY of unexpected twists and turns I did not see coming at all and I loved that! 

I really enjoyed the way the author has written this book, it made it feel modern and I feel it made the book seem more real.

Honestly it is a real feel good romantic comedy, one that will put a smile on your face and keep you gripped from start to finish.  

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Blog Tour - Sunshine and Sweet Peas in Nightingale Square

Today I am over the moon to be hosting the first stop for 'Sunshine and Sweet Peas in Nightingale Square' by 'Heidi Swain.'

Publication date 31st May 2018
About the book
Kate is on the run from her almost-divorced husband who is determined to have her back, and she has found the perfect place to hide... a little cottage on Nightingale Square in Norwich, far away from her old life in London. But the residents of Nightingale Square don't take no for an answer, and Kate soon finds herself pulled into a friendship with Lisa, her bossy but lovely new neighbour.

Within a matter of days Kate is landed with the job of campaigning the council to turn the green into a community garden, meanwhile all the residents of Nightingale Square are horrified to discover that the Victorian mansion house on the other side of the square has been bought by developers. But when all hope is lost, the arrival of a handsome stranger is sure to turn things around! 

Heidi Swain is the perfect summer read - you'll want to find your own green space, stretch out in the sun and dive into life at Nightingale Square.

My Review
A lot of you will know I am a huge fan of Heidi Swain so I just can't begin to tell you how much I was delighted to hear about her latest release! Oh boy I was in for a treat! I believe this has got to be her best book yet!

From the moment we are introduced to Kate I instantly warmed to her, she needs to get away and make a fresh start away from her cheating husband David, somewhere he can't find her and Nightingale Square was just the right place for Kate to move to. I loved how the neighbours all welcomed her and how they got so close so quick you would think she had been living there years! Kate is a person you just really want things to work out for she deserves it she's been through a lot.

Hearing about the little houses in Nightingale Square and the mansion just made me want to go there, and I loved exploring them with Kate.

There are plenty of surprise's and unexpected events that happen in the book, you just don't see them coming, and a lot of drama it was so exciting. I just didn't know how the book would end but when I reached the ending I bawled my eyes out, it was emotional!

If you are looking for book to read in the garden this summer this is the one you need! Absolutely Perfect! 

Ps. Do you know what I love with Heidi's books, the book covers, they just help you as a reader imagine the story and feel like your there.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Blog Tour - Summer at the Castle Cafe

Publication date 11th May 2018
About the book

When Alice Appleton escapes to the beautiful seaside town of Castle Cove it’s the change of scenery she didn’t even realise she needed. Taking up a job in the charming Castle Café, Alice finds herself surrounded by cream teas, chocolate cake and quirky characters. Could this be the perfect place for Alice to embrace the summer?

Mysterious and handsome Jay O’Donnell has lived in picturesque Castle Cove since he was a child. As a volunteer on the lifeboats, his days by the sea are far from predictable. Haunted by a tragedy from his past, he’s on a mission to save as many people as possible. But when Alice Appleton walks into his life - and turns his world upside down - he begins to realise that perhaps it might just be his turn to be rescued…

As Alice and Jay find themselves unexpectedly falling for each other, will they learn the importance of letting go to make way for second chances? And will Alice find the life she’s always dreamed of in Castle Cove?

Heart-warming, hilarious and utterly romantic, Summer at the Castle Café is perfect for fans of Debbie Johnson, Lucy Diamond and Phillipa Ashley.

About the author
Donna Ashcroft was born in London and grew up in Buckinghamshire. She went to university in Lancashire and, among other things, worked as a copywriter, buyer, waitress, secretary and marketing manager. 

Donna wrote novels for over ten years before being published. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and was a joint winner of the Katie Fforde Bursary in 2017. Her first two books Summer at the Castle Cafe and Christmas at the Castle Cafe will publish in 2018.

Donna loves a happy ending and is never happier than when she's escaping into a romance novel or movie. When she's not reading or writing she'll probably be found hoovering ... or negotiating with her teenagers about who is doing the washing up.

You can find Donna on Twitter @Donnashc or visit her at

My Review
The thing that caught my eye about this book was the cover, it is just stunning! The minute I seen it I just knew this book would be fantastic.

The characters in this Alice and Jay just fitted the story so perfectly and I loved hearing about them. It was so nice to see them both become stronger happier people thanks to each other.

The Castle Café was just gorgeous place and I would love to visit it! It really makes the book when its set in a really good location.  I really enjoyed imagining it! 

I absolutely loved this book, it is the most beautiful romantic love story you will read this summer.

Summer at the Castle Café is just a delight and is the perfect read for sitting in the sun this summer! You will not want to put it down! 

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Blog Tour -The Weekend Spa Break

Publication date 30th April 2018
About the book
Friendships Online Series
Part Two

After finally meeting in person at the publishing party of the season, Constance and Estelle are determined not to let their friendship return to mere virtual champagne bottles and uploaded pictures of food.

It’s been a busy year, and Constance feels it’s time to reward herself with the spa break Estelle gave her for Christmas. Naturally, Constance wouldn’t dream of taking anyone other than Estelle, and this will provide the perfect opportunity to bond with her new chum.

As the excited pair spend some quality time together, they realise it’s not just writing books they have in common, but something that goes much deeper. After a few Jacuzzi sessions, facials, pedicures, and a massage by sexy Senior Therapist, Julio, everything seems to be peachy until an unexpected visitor turns Constance’s weekend of bliss … on its head.

A two-day spa break.
Sparkling water on tap.
And the perfect massage.
But who’s rubbing who up the wrong way?

About the author
Anne John-Ligali is a writer and the founder of Books and Authors UK, a popular website featuring author interviews and book reviews. She loves all things books: reading, writing, going to book events, and meeting other book lovers. She has written a series of short stories and is currently writing her first novel.

Anne has always loved stories and read many books as a child, including the entire Sweet Valley High and Caitlyn series. Her interest in writing fiction came years later, when she began writing for pleasure in 2007.

Originally from Peterborough, Anne now lives in London. After moving to London, she studied graphic design at the University of Arts and has held a number IT administration jobs
in the city. Anne continues writing and aspires to write more women’s fiction books, a non-fiction book and several children’s books.
Social Media Links
Books and Authors UK:
Books and Authors UK Twitter:

My Review
After I really loved part one I was looking forward to this part and it was just as good if not better! It was a great story, I think it is one a lot of us can relate to. The book has parts in it that you wont see coming. I read this in one sitting as I just couldn't put it down I was enjoying it too much!  

I love how Anne John Ligali's books are so well written and very current with the times, they really make the storys seem real.  I also love how she has a fantastic way of describing things! I honestly felt like I was there in the book too! 

Constance and Estelle where fabulous characters.

If your looking for a quick read to put your feet up with when you have a few minutes to yourself then this is your one!  

Friday, 11 May 2018

Blog Tour - The Things We Need To Say

Today I will be sharing my review of 'The Things We Need to Say' by 'Rachel Burton.'
I would also like to use this opportunity to wish Rachel a very Happy Publication day!
Publication date 11th May 2018
About the book
Sometimes the things we never say are the most important.

Fran loves Will with all her heart. They had a whirlwind romance, a perfect marriage and a wonderful life. Until everything changed. Now Fran needs to find her way again and teaching a yoga retreat in Spain offers her just that. Leaving behind a broken marriage she has some very important decisions to make.

Will needs his wife, he needs her to open up to him if they’re to ever return to the ways things once were. But he may have damaged any possibility he had of mending their relationship and now Fran is in Spain and Will is alone.

As both Fran and Will begin to let go of a life that could have been, fate may just find a way of bringing them back together.

Perfect for fans of Katie Marsh, Amanda Prowse and Sheila O’Flanagan

About the author
Rachel Burton has been making up stories since she first learned to talk. After many false starts she finally made one up that was worth writing down.

After graduating with a degree in Classics and another in English, she didn't really know what to do when she grew up. She has worked as a waitress, a paralegal and a yoga teacher.

She has spent most of her life between Cambridge and London but now lives in Leeds with her boyfriend and three cats. The main loves of her life are The Beatles and very tall romantic heroes.

Her debut, The Many Colours of Us, was an Amazon Kindle bestseller. Her second novel, The Things We Need to to Say, is released on 11 May 2018. She is currently working on her third novel in which the heroine follows the love of her life to live in a city in northern England. It has no autobiographical elements at all.....maybe.

Find her on Twitter & Instagram as @bookish_yogi or search Facebook for Rachel Burton Author. She is always happy to talk books, writing, music, cats and how the weather in Yorkshire is rubbish. She is mostly dreaming of her next holiday....

Twitter -

My Review
From the minute I read the blurb for this book I just knew I had to read it. 

I found this exceptionally well written and I loved how we get to hear the story from both Fran and Will in their words. 

I knew this would be emotional but I had no idea it would extremely emotional, honestly so many times I had tears in my eyes - Keep the tissues handy.

I think this story will ring true with so many people and it will help them and show them they are not alone.