Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Blog Tour - The Chosen Ones

Publication date 14th June 2018
About the book

Eva Dunbar wakes in a large metal box.

She has no idea who has taken her.

She has no way out.

She isn't the first young woman to disappear.
And with no leads Detective Ian Bradshaw has precious little time.
When at last a body is found, the police hope the tragic discovery might at least provide a clue that will help them finally find the kidnapper.
But then they identify the body - and realise the case is more twisted than they ever imagined . . . 
My Review
After reading the blurb for this I must admit I thought this is a bit out of my comfort zone it sounded far too scary for me but I was intrigued.  I needed to know what was happening and why these women where disappearing.
I was gripped, this is definitely a book you will need to read in one sitting as you need to keep reading you wont want to stop till you find out was going on.  
This is a real heart pumping book, very fast paced and full of adrenaline. 

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