Monday, 14 August 2017

The Cosy Canal Boat Dream

Publication date 22nd August 2017

About the book
Welcome to the Little Rock marina – where hearts are healed and dreams are made…
For the last two years Nell Andrews has been struggling to stay afloat. As her life tumbled down around her, the only safety net has been her cosy canal boat, The Nollie. Tucked away inside, Nell has found a place to heal her broken heart. And now she’s ready to move on and follow her dream…
Gorgeous Guy Cornish, with his easy Irish charm, makes him an instant hit with everyone at the marina, and the perfect person to help Nell with her project. But Guy has his own reasons for being at the marina, and a past that threatens to sink Nell’s dream…

My review
The Cosy Canal Boat Dream in my opinion has to be the most perfect book ever! I loved every single page of it.

As soon as I seen the cover for this book I knew it was definitely a book I would love, it is just so magical.

I was in absolute tears reading the prologue, it was packed with emotion.   Literally a page in and I could not put it down, I found myself really attached to Nell and her story.

Nell has had a tough time recently after a tragic accident and the only thing keeping her going is Nollie her canal boat.  She has it really beautifully decorated inside and it is her pride and joy.  
After she receives a letter in the post informing her she has received a lump sum of money Nell's dream project comes onto the market and gives her the opportunity of a lifetime and something she can really focus on.  Everyone is delighted that Nell has something to be happy about and has finally put the smile back on her face, however Gilly, Nell's mother puts a downer on it and seems really against the idea, we don't find out what her secret is till near the end of the book.

Another thing that catches Nell's eye is Mr Guy Cornish, a dreamy Irish Hunk.  They both click from the minute they meet and its certain that something is bound to happen between them, and as a reader it makes you feel really happy knowing Nell is being able to move on and enjoy her life again after the heartbreak she has suffered previously.  Guy seems like her knight in shining armor, but its clear he is hiding something.  

I really enjoyed the pace of the book and the story is just so heart warming, you definitely need to have the tissues on stand by.  
The Cosy Canal Boat Dream is definitely Christie Barlow's best yet! 

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